Monday, January 12, 2009

Sit Relax Gossip

Well....some how i got everything backwards!

This is was i did yesterday, i removed the bigg bulky furniture.

When i origanly moved in i just bought black furniture i though i like.....


Back then i didnt even know there were diffrent styles.....

And no one in my family relly has a certian style in there home.

Let just say i watch way to much HGTV and reliezed i had a lot to learn!

my room now is still a little messy looking because i need to find a table of some sort for my new printer.

Also, what do yall think of painting the whole room green?

Ill be back later after i stop by the mullberry tree!




Good morning Sunshine!

Im super happy today, The mullberry tree is now open again,

& Im in dier need of new things & topiarys for my office, which is also called...

The Barbie Room.

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Lady Pamela said...

Hi SashKay,
Your place is really coming together. My favorites are the black and toile chairs. I would like some for my kitchen.
If you come to Canada, the thrift store I shop at is in Aldergrove. Right at the Lynden border crossing.