Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Coffee Coffee & more...Coffee!

For some reason i cant get enough of it this morning, i have a feeling its because i over slept and almost missed lil' bruisers vet. apt. ( what a bad mommy)

Here Is bella bo & Bruiser
They love road trips to grandma's house!
For some reason i figured after two shots and a pill he would be ready for a nap today, oh no.....not him, he is all over the place! laps around the house then on to wrestling with bo, then a break to drink some water and back to his marthon around the living room...hes making me tired just watching him!
oh also bella bo went to grandma's work today and when i came to pick her up grandma had taken her for a spa day at the groomers!
Sweet grandma!
Im off to scrub the house down & fold some clothes!
Chow bella!

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Tanza said...

If you are EVER in So. CA.. you have to go to a store in Costa Mesa, called "Paris to the moon".. It's soo you.. It's wonderful and ever so Romantic and fun.. Hugs ~tea~